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The protection index for gate motors.

In this article you will find the explanation of the abbreviation IP and the number that follows it. Why is this parameter so important? Read on to find out more. Among the technical parameters of gate operators we can find two letters "IP" and a number which is placed just after this abbreviation. The description is often limited to a short explanation "the degree of protection" or "the degree of protection". What does that mean ?

All gate operators must have an international protection index certificate. The letters IP stand for:

  • I - international
  • P- Protection Rating

The protection index is an international standard of the International Electrotechnical Commission. The standard is universal for suitable devices throughout Europe. The protection index describes the resistance of a gate motor cover against factors such as:

  • Intrusion of solid bodies
  • Liquid intrusion
Electromechanical automations have a protection index defined by European standards. It is worth knowing against what factors our engine is protected.

Gate motorization IP protection rating

Protection of the motorization box against the intrusion of solid bodies.

The degree of protection of the case varies between 0 and 6 points. The gate operator usually has the protection index of 4 or 5. The fourth degree of protection guarantees:

  • Protection against solid bodies greater than 1 mm (gravel, stones, leaves).
  • The protection of important parts of the engine against the insertion of the wire.

The fifth degree of protection guarantees:

  • Protection against road dust.
  • Protection of the housing against insertion of the wire.
The first number is connected with degree of protection against inclusion of solid bodies. If you want to install a device outdoors you must choose the IP44 index at least. Among the gate motors you will find motors with an index of IP44 up to IP67!

What degree of protection means full protection against ingress of water?

The second digit of the IP index signifies the degree of protection against the insertion of liquids. Most often this index rises to 3, 4 or 5, but buried engines must have degree 7.

  1. 3 - Protection against rainwater up to 60 ° from the vertical.
  2. 4 - Protection against splashing water from all directions (the motors can be used outside the house).
  3. 5 - Protection against water jets from all directions with a lance (12.5 liters / min).
  4. 6 - Protection against strong jets of water from all directions with the lance (100 liters / min).
  5. 7 - It is a parameter for buried motors. It means that the motorization can run without problems in water for up to 30 minutes.
For example IP67 means that the automation is hermetic, protected against dust and against brief submersion. The first number means protection against objects and the second number means protection against water

Gate motorization and protection index.

Usually gate operators have an IP44 degree of protection, which is sufficient, but as you know there are operators with higher protection. In our offer you will find automations for swinging or sliding gates with a higher level of protection. If you live in a place where the conditions are difficult (a lot of rain, by the sea, a lot of dust etc.) you may consider purchasing a model with a higher protection factor.

You do not know how to choose a gate motor? CONTACT US!  

If you want to have a gate motorization system that will last a very long time, we recommend for example the hydraulic motors of the FAAC brand which have extremely resistant compact covers (eg FAAC S450H, FAAC 402, FAAC 422 - with IP55). The CAME and NICE brands offer engines that have increased resistance against the intrusion of solid bodies (protection against dust and small animals that like to get under the hoods). I recommend the CAME FERNI FE4024 and NICE HYKE articulated arm models.

There are also motors which are designed for underground installation. The automations have an IP67 which makes them resistant even against a brief immersion. It is an ideal solution for practically every type of swing gate. All the major manufacturers have in their offer underground motors, for example CAME FROGNICE M-FAB FAAC 770 .

Sliding gate operators have IP44 covers and usually additional protection for the electronic card. The best example is the Hörmann LineaMatic motor, the automations of this series have an IP44 cover and an IP67 internal protection!

To conclude, the protection index gives the user information on the resistance of the motorization. This must be taken into consideration if you want to motorize a gate. Especially if you live in a difficult climate.

Source: https://budujemysami.pl/klasy-szczelnosci-ip68-ip67-ip44-ip65-ip55-ip44-ip20-ip60/

Choice of gate motorization

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